Jane's Recipes

Grapeheads Club Recipes

Spring 2024

The transition season of spring Into summer signals lighter and brighter meals to cook.

I have given you some recipes with sauces that can be mixed and matched and made into dips and salsas as well. Time to eat out on the patio!

Cheers, Jane O'Riordan
Jane O'Riordan
Owner and Chef

Green Mole Sauce
This somewhat spicy green sauce is served at room temperature as a side dollop, delicious with just about anything. Serve it with grilled meats and summer squashes, mix it with yogurt for a dip, or throw some into some sauteed vegetables. You can vary it with pistachios or almonds instead of pumpkin seeds.
Mango Salsa
In India, the mango is a symbol of love and friendship, something we could all use more of! Once you have my Green Mole Sauce prepped, this salsa is fast to make. Pair with my Summer Rice Salad and some meat off the grill. Try some thin, boneless pork chops rubbed with chili spices and salt or marinated skirt steak.
Mini Shrimp Burgers with Mint Raita
These little patties can be grilled or cooked in a cast iron pan on the stove. Serve them with the Mint Raita as an appetizer or add jasmine rice for a meal.
Mint Raita
This cool mint sauce is the perfect accompaniment to anything with a little spice. It also works well as a dip for vegetables and chips.
Summer Rice Salad
I make a lot of grain salads. They are great for outdoor dining and can be served at room temperature. The dressing is light and the veggies crunchy. Feel free to improvise with other types of rice – black, red, or brown. I love the rice from Two Brooks Farms sent to me by one of our customers. Try a mix of two different colors of rice. Cook each rice separately and combine with other ingredients to make the salad.
Tandoori-style Grilled Chicken
Marinating the chicken thighs in this spiced yogurt keeps the meat tender. Plan ahead and marinate for at least 6 hours - overnight is also ok. Serve with Summer Rice Salad and 1 or 2 of the sauces - Mango Salsa, Minted Yogurt, Green Mole Sauce.