Special Library Three Packs

We have put together some special library packs from our cellar. These are rare wines that we have aged to perfection for you to enjoy. These wines are perfect for your family and friends gatherings.
The pack includes a product sheet for each wine and a special Terre Rouge and Easton 3-Pack carrier.
Older vintages need special care when opening and should be stood up for several hours before opening to let the sediment fall to the bottom. Plan ahead and look at our guide included in the box
Shipping is complimentary on all of our special packs. The states we can ship to are listed below the packs. 
There are no discounts on these library packs.
Hands down, the 2011 vintage is our staff's favorite vintage right now. 2011 was a cool year, producing very elegant and long-lived wines. The L'Autre (grenache-blend) is especially silky and a great way to start off your holiday meals. The Sentinel Oak Syrah is smooth with some soft spices. The Estate Zinfandel is still powerful but with very soft tannins.
The 2023 Harvest is shaping up to be a similarly cool and late year, so we are looking forward to seeing how they progress. In the meantime, we are lucky to have some 2011 wines left in the library.
2011 TERRE ROUGE L'Autre, Grenache, Sierra Foothills
2011 TERRE ROUGE Syrah, Sentinel Oak Vineyard, Shenandoah Valley
2011 EASTON Zinfandel, Estate, Shenandoah Valley
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As Syrah specialists, at Terre Rouge we hold back some of each vintage of our top Syrahs in our wine library. Here is your chance to enjoy wines with age and beauty. We have tasted all three of these wines recently and were pretty amazed!
2003 TERRE ROUGE Syrah Sentinel Oak Vineyard, Shenandoah Valley
20 years old and still rocking! Our Sentinel Oak fans know how well this wine ages.
2008 TERRE ROUGE Syrah, DTR Ranch, Fiddletown, Organic
We had this wine open along side the 2008 ASCENT at our recent ASCENT celebration. It was fabulous!
2009 TERRE ROUGE Syrah, High Slopes, Sierra Foothills
From our two highest syrah sites with both granitic and volcanic soils. Bill calls this wine "Ascent's child" as it has some of the same fruit but with less new oak treatment.
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The Easton slogan for our Zinfandel program is "Power and Finesse" - big wines that are also elegant and long-lived. Aged in French oak, like all of our wines, then bottle aged further, the tannins are smoothed out and the complexity of the wine comes forward.
This pack has one vintage of our organically farmed "E" Zinfandel from our vineyard in Fiddletown, as well as two vintages of our Estate Zinfandel from our Shenandoah Valley site, which we generally call "the big boy". 
2012 EASTON Zinfandel, "E", Rice-MacDonald Vineyard, Fiddletown, Organic
2009 EASTON Zinfandel, Estate, Shenandoah Valley
2006 EASTON Zinfandel, Estate, Shenandoah Valley


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The TERRE ROUGE L'Autre, our blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre, has always been Jane's favorite. It is elegant and easy to match with a variety of foods. The 2013 was featured in Food and Wine magazine.
"The benchmark for the best Rhône wines is undeniable here. We also realize - and this is a new uplifting - that eight years in the bottle have allowed him not only to infinitely modulate his texture, but also to detail it with rare complexity. The whole breathes freely, combining the nuances of laurel, leather, licorice and faded peony on soft, sapid tannins, with a mad taste. In short, serve it blind to your brother-in-law who swears by Gigondas and other Châteauneuf-du-Pape and we will talk again!"★★★★ © Jean Aubrey, writer for Le Devoir
Jane's Fave Pack includes three different vintages of TERRE ROUGE L'Autre ~ 1 bottle each of the 2013, 2014 and 2015.
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