Jane's Recipes

Slow: Braised and Roasted

There is nothing that says home more than walking in the door to the smell of dinner roasting in the oven or simmering on top of the stove. When meats, vegetables and beans break down slowly, the result is a succulent and complex mélange of flavors. These dishes take some time to cook slowly, but the actual prep time for most of these recipes is about 30 minutes. Planning a dinner party? Chose one of these no-worry, do-ahead dishes so you can sit back with a glass of wine and enjoy your guests.

Chicken Legs Braised in Syrah
For years I have made a decadent Duck Legs in Syrah, a perfect dish for a special dinner. Here is a slightly simpler version using chicken legs, slow cooked in Syrah. The sauce is deep dark red from the wine and prunes and so good with the bites of chicken. I serve this with my "lazy potato gratin" - basically creamy mashed potatoes in a shallow casserole, topped with grated Gruyere cheese and heated in the oven for about 30 minutes alongside the chicken, until the cheese creates a crusty top.
Garrigue Beef Stew
Garrigue is what the French call the chaparral and shrubs that grow near the vineyards in the south of France. I devised this beef stew for our Grapeheads Club to go with our new Terre Rouge Syrah- Cabernet blend of the same name.
Irish Heritage Braised Brisket
One of my Covid-confined projects has been researching The O’Riordan side of my family, who came from the Limerick, Cork, Kerry region in the southwest corner of Ireland. This is my take on a braised beef brisket that is so easy to cook. You can leave it on the stove simmering and go for a walk. When you arrive home after 2 hours, dinner is ready and the house smells wonderful.
Lamb and Olive Stew
Winemaker Bill Easton likes the flavors of this stew with his Syrah. The tomatoes, thyme, garlic and anchovy add the flavors of the Rhône Valley, home to Syrah, to this slow braised lamb stew.
Lamb Stew with Fennel and Moroccan Spices
I love this north African inspired lamb dish with a glass of our Grenache, "L'Autre". The fennel, olives and spices are a great match.
Mexican Pork and Posole Stew
As soon as fall rolls around I start making this Mexican inspired dish that is a family favorite. I never get tired of making it and the variations listed at the bottom of the page are also really good. Leftovers make great tacos or enchilada filling.
Moroccan Spiced Beef Short Ribs
The spices on these short ribs are what set it apart from other blander versions. Great on a cold night with a glass of syrah, this meaty dish will please family and friends. For best results, pre season the meat the night before cooking.
Porcini Mushroom Braised Pork Loin Chops (Or Chicken)
While creating this recipe to match our Pinot Noir, I tried it both with pork loin and chicken thighs. Bill and I liked both versions so much that I have included two ways to make this dish. The dried porcini mushroom sauce is the key, so be sure to use them over other dried mushrooms. They are easily available now in grocery stores.
Slow Cooked Beef Barbacoa
At our first annual Zinfandel Release Party, Jane served this tender and flavorful shredded beef with a Spanish Rice Salad (recipe under salads) and Santa Fe Chopped Salad. It was the perfect pairing for all our new Zins. Don't forget to serve our Zinster slightly chilled - perfect on summer days. Plan ahead for this recipe (or make a day ahead) as the beef requires 3-4 hours cooking time in the oven.
Spanish Meatballs with Chorizo
These chorizo and beef meatballs simmered in a zesty sauce are irresistible. They take a couple hours of cooking, so try this on a Sunday afternoon. If you are lucky you will have leftovers for Monday.