Jane's Recipes

Grill It

In California we grill all year long, even when it is raining under the cover of the porch. Smoke and fire bring back memories of camping in the Sierra even when we are at home and makes me feel connected to the wildness of where we live. I use a gas grill, a Weber grill with charcoal and Zinfandel cuttings and our recently installed wood-fired oven. The recipes can be adapted to any grill, unless I have specified a particular type to use.

Grilled Gulf White Prawns with Romesco Sauce
White prawns from the Sea of Cortez and the Gulf of Mexico are fat and meaty with a wonderful sweet flavor. They are tastier than any other large shrimp you can buy and they are our local shrimp, not frozen shrimp from Asia. If you cannot find them at your local fishmonger, there are many places to purchase online and have them shipped.
Grilled Leg of Lamb with Green Olive Tapenade
Grilled lamb is a tradition in Amador County and many of our local ranchers raise lamb, to me the finest you can buy. Out local lamb is available only by purchasing a whole lamb (a local butcher will do the cut and wrap). Good quality organic lamb is now more readily available in markets. This version of lamb gets a Mediterranean twist with the olive and lemon tapenade.
Grilled Salmon with Arugula and Meyer Lemon Pesto
In April I sent out a recipe for Farfalle with asparagus and this wonderful Arugula and Meyer Lemon Pesto. This sauce is so fresh and versatile. Here are a few more things to do with it including this easy grilled salmon.
Rosemary-Lemon Grilled Chicken
This is so easy, but the trick is to marinate the chicken ahead, preferably overnight. You will want at least 6 hours of marinating time.
Spicy North African Chicken
Marinating this chicken for 24 hours is the key for flavor and working ahead. When time to grill the chicken, watch it carefully so that the chicken doesn’t flair up and burn. You can easily double or triple the recipe, cooking it in batches or on two barbeques. This chicken really requires a charcoal grill, so that the meat can cook slowly and get smoky. Leftovers make great chicken salad.
Turkey Kefta with green herb sauce
Kefta are flat, oblong meat patties flavored with spices and herbs, tasty street food that is cooked all over the Mediterranean. This turkey version is lighter than ones made with lamb or beef and are just as delicious, especially dolloped with the Green Herb Sauce. Maybe this will be our new 2020 Thanksgiving turkey for a small gathering!
Turkey, Brined and Barbecued with Mole Sauce
For years I have done our Thanksgiving turkey this way. Brining a day ahead keeps the bird moist. Cueing it on a covered grill using the indirect method will give you a succulent and smoky turkey. Paired with Mexican mole sauce, it is a turkey to remember.