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Come Together

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Let wine be the bond between friends and family in 2020!  This 6 pack includes one each of these holiday-friendly wines.


2019 TERRE ROUGE Vin Gris d'Amador
A perfectly complex rosè for fall soirees.
2013 TERRE ROUGE Enigma
Our blend of white Rhône varietals works well with everything.
2019 EASTON Zinster
Serve our fun, gamay-style Zinfandel slightly cool.
2012 TERRE ROUGE Grenache, L'Autre
Our flagship blend of grenache, mouvèdre, and syrah is silky smooth.
2013 EASTON Zinfandel, Old Vines, Rinaldi Vineyard
The Easton family table is never without this savory, elegant Zin.
2013 TERRE ROUGE Syrah, High Slopes
Our two highest vineyards combine for a wine that balances power and finesse.